Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nonito Donaire’s Prior Victory

Long before his tomorrow’s scheduled match (some said it’s a mismatch!) with Argentina’s Omar Narvaez, world bantam weight champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire, the latter is already a winner in many ways. Am I talking here of his power of the purse? Nope. It’s something else and it’s more important to many.

It was Thursday, March 11, 2011 when Nonito made the most remarkable victory of his life. After a 3 year-feud, he finally reconciled with his father and former trainer, Nonito, Sr. Nonito Jr. and his wife Rachel blamed some sports media for allegedly destroying his family on exaggerated news reports. He said then, “My dad was always there to protect me. He’s always looked out for my benefit.” He further stressed, “What has been said in the media was… blown into something really big.”

Here in San Jose, we are all be trooping again to our favorite hang-outs - watering holes and hang outs- to watch the fight. It’s a tough fight for our guy but we all hope that extend his 25-match winning streak. But do not worry, The Flash gave us all assurance, "If I hit the right spot, if I hit the right point, it can end any moment.” Let us all keep our fingers crossed that come Sunday, our boxer would hit that whatever spot (was it the “Gee Spot”?) he is referring too. When we go to mass tomorrow morning, let us all pray not only for Nonito’s victory but for the two boxer’s safety.

Going back to the two Nonito’s reconciliation some months back, I presume that the negative relational crack between them, when glued together, became durable at powerful than ever. Mt. 22:34-40 is the Gospel this Sunday and it’s about strengthening of relationship. Among any other law and rules, the Law of Love is ever valid and true. It is the basis, not only of actions but of all laws on earth. Including perhaps the rules that they will be using and observing in the Donaire-Narvaez fight in the historic Madison Square Garden just less than 24 hours from now.

Even in a training camp, all of the team members are expected to strengthen their relationships for a particular mission. The reason is very obvious: Lack of unity and discouragement doesn’t inspire people that they have touched and inspired. All team members are expected to stay close and lean on with each other than pushing each other away with unfriendly gestures, cutting comments and angry attitudes, and they should know how good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity (Ps. 133:1) in a particular mission or for life.

Win or loose tomorrow against Narvaez with no loss record, Nonito is already the undisputed defending champion. At least in his father’s heart…

(Photo from World Boxing Council WBC)

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