Friday, September 28, 2012

Ready Get Set ….

The political race is on once again. On Monday up to Friday, October 1 to 5, both the contenders and pretenders will be filing their Certificate of Candidacy (COC) before their respective COMELEC offices.

And for those who are having a second thought, you still have enough time to back out. In the article “Candidates Must Follow Logical Step” that appeared in Winning Campaigns Magazine, Holly Robichaud presented necessary steps to start their campaigns with momentum. It maybe from the point of view of a westerner but I think some of them could be applied to Mindoreños who are thinking to jump into the political ring this 2013.

1. Discuss it with your family – Here in Occidental Mindoro the prevailing slogan seems not only “health is wealth” but “family is wealth”, the bigger the family,… there’s a more chance of winning (Just punning!). Discuss your decision with your relatives specially your immediate family members.  Robichaud explained, “If they are not on board, you will never win.” He stressed further, “ The impact of a campaign can be devastating on family life both financially and emotionally.”

2. Try to reflect on and answer these questions yourself with all sincerity “Can I win?” “Can I raise enough money?”  “Is this the year for me?”  “Is the incumbent vulnerable?”  “Can I devote the time to do this?”  Just be true to yourself, hear your inner voices then decide. This way, you are making a good decision to run. Hey, do not believe those who are just pushing you to run for they may be using you for their selfish ends. Or, maybe they are not your true friends and all they want is just put you into trouble.

     3.  Decide why you are running. Again follow the above (No. 2) process this time on the following questions : “What is my rationale for seeking the office?” “ Does it make sense?”  “Can I make a difference?”  “How can I interest people in my campaign?” Remember, we have to articulate why we are running. So, in every occasion, be ready to present your platform of government, to anybody and everybody.

      I just lumped all the other aspects: Conduct a survey or poll. Update your resume. Write and draw a Campaign Plan. Select good, credible campaign manager and find the key team members for your campaign. Of course, raise seed money.
     So when you are ready, you got to go! Go to the COMELEC for filing of the COC on time. When you are firmly determined to stay in the race, go for it!

Expect changes in your life, especially when you are a first timer in politics. Expect to taste mud, figuratively and literally. You may temporarily (or permanently) lose some of your closest friends. Expect that your friends and relatives will be dismayed at some things that will be said against you, especially on the campaign stage or over the local radio. They can also be targets, remember. 

Though the road to victory is as hellish as the roads of Occidental Mindoro during rainy season, victory at the end is still sweet.
Good luck everyone…


Source: Candidate Must Follow Logical Step

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