Thursday, January 7, 2016

On Miss Universe Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach as James Bond Girl

If you are not a follower of James Bond movies, probably you are not familiar with following characters: Pussy Galore (Goldfinger, 1964), Plenty O’Toole (Diamonds Are Forever, 1971), Kissy Suzuki (You Only Live Twice, 1964) and Chew Mee (The Man With A Golden Gun, 1974). Yes they are just 4 of the 75, as of this writing, James Bond girls from over 50 years of the 007 movie series. A Bond girl is a love interest and/or female partner or antagonists of cinema’s most loved secret agent and guessing from the names I cited above, occasionally they, the girls, have names with double meanings, if not outright naughtiness. The name Kissy Suzuki for instance, titillates Filipino males.

In her TV interview aired over Good Morning America last Tuesday, Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach, the 26-year-old actress-beauty queen expressed her desire to the next Bond girl. She said, “Of course, that’s one of my dreams. Hopefully, I’d be able to do that.” Well, the idea, for now, is archive –bound for Alonzo-Wurtzbach has just started her very challenging job as Miss U.

Should this happen, Alonzo-Wurtzbach would be the second Bond girl with Filipino roots. Being the first was Rachel Grant, a half-Filipino and half-English. Grant, starred in “Die Another Day” in 2002 as Peaceful Fountains of Desire, a Chinese agent disguised as a masseuse. It is said that Grant, born September 25, 1977, specializes in Filipino martial art called Arnis under the tutelage of Dan Inosanto, real-life buddy of the late Bruce Lee.

Let us go back to Ms. Alonzo-Wurtzbach, the third Filipina to get the most coveted Miss Universe title, and her dream of becoming a Bond girl. Truly, almost all of the ingredients of a Bond lady is within her: full of glamour, sophistication, dressed in mystery and charm. She already been in 4 movies in the past namely, Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (2003), All My Life (2004) and All About Love (2006) aside from appearing in many TV soap operas, it certainly would not be very hard for her to act.

Philippines’ second Miss U, Margie Moran (now Floriendo), in case you do not know, only appeared in a movie once. Moran’s self-titled film was Oh, Margie Oh (1974), a musical comedy flick directed by Paul Silos with Victor Laurel and Celia Rodriguez as her co-starrers. Well, do I need to say that Gloria Diaz accumulated more or less seventy movies to her credit since she won the 1969 Miss Universe pageant? Most memorable of all is her first film Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa (1974) as Isabel (Is this the reason why her child was named Isabelle [Daza]?) and as Matilde in Carlo J. Caparas’ Andres de Saya (1980).

Since the Bond girls are favourite topics of speculation, let us speculate what character Pia would be portraying if in case she appears as Bond girl in the future. Will she have to bed Bond (like the other Bond girl) or strongly act as a sex-appeal oozing side kick or be his brutally beautiful villain like May Day (A View To Kill, 1985)  or Xenia Onatopp (Golden Eye, 1995) with her powerful legs squeezing her preys to death. Any which way would be something to look forward to. 

If Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach would land in a Bond movie in the future, she will be the first Miss Universe to join the elite ranks of Bond girls. Who knows? But meantime, let us anticipate more about her homecoming this January 23. That will be a very great day, I know…


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