Monday, April 6, 2009

Spiritual Boxing

I’ll keep my fingers off the computer keyboard for the Holy Week.

My scrutiny of my personal year-round boxing match with God is on the way. I have to prepare for it and now is the best time for such a discernment or evaluation cum prayer/meditation. How God has beaten me up black and blue effortlessly. How He won via TKO until I furtherly affirmed that He is still authentically “The Greatest”. Undisputed and unmatched.

More or less, here’s the rundown of my post-game analysis (read: meditation) : I rediscovered God whose powerful uppercuts almost made my soul jump off my mortal body. The Almighty whose left straight shatters my every expectation and all anticipations. To exchange punches with Him is like sailing in dangerous waters,- like the Calavite Point, that at every single round He threatens to drown all His opponents except those spiritual champions of yore. He constantly invite us to a cruel blow-by-blow fight with Him.

Know what is like to have a boxing match with the Father? Every time He unleashes His killer punch (including His sharp elbows!) your flesh is ripped off and your bones cracked. It brings pain beyond compare. All His legitimate shots,- hook, straight or jab, bring not only torture, pain and anguish but yes,.. approval, opportunity and BLESSINGS.

Indeed He owns the MadEarth Square Garden and the venue is equally important as the people behind me for this quest. I have you my team members to fulfill our common quest and vision. To experience our dream match with God for this is the very moment to follow our own follower. Remember, meeting Him is always a Main Event.

Before my fight, this fight with the Almighty Champ,.. I tried to elude Him. I cancelled previous fight cards with Him. But now I know. What keep us apart is not His distance but our constant back-pedaling or moving away from Him. We always turn down His invitation for a brawl. We are afraid to bang bodies and exchange fists and head blows with the Lord, yet we are eager to outplay him on top of the mortal ring we created and mundial fight plan that we designed. We are afraid to kiss the floor unconscious or have our teeth broken, spit out our mouth piece or end with a dislocated jaw. But remember, this eagerness is matched by His eagerness for UNION with us,- for a grudging and painful encounter with Him comes Heavenly bliss. From this battle we draw courage and inspiration in establishing Kingdom of God right here at our training gym, in our area of concern, in our home court or anywhere.

It is time to stop hiding and accept the challenge and face the sweetest and greatest defeat of life. Let us allow ourselves to be overpowered and conquered by the Lord because from this defeat comes the initial process of holiness. This total surrender.

Initially let us accept God’s challenge and don’t be timid. For one of my trainers, Teresa of Avila once told me, “We do not have to be bashful with God”. Yes, we cannot grasp the stumbling blocks of our lives unless we slip and fall over them…. come Holy Week or beyond.

Until next week, folks.

(PS. Praktis lang uli…)

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  1. I can remember jacob wrestling with God with your post. I agree He's always the greatest and the forever winner. walang kalaban2x si pacquiao. let's all submit to his will.