Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pacquiao Vs Pacquiao

Let us set aside the much-awaited Pacquiao-Mayweather fight for it is still very remote. Me? I am looking forward for a more interesting out-of-the-ring Pacquiao vs. Pacquiao scuffle. That big fight between Aling Dionisia against his own son, Manny. The Pacmom have been long convincing her son to retire from boxing was only coerced by Congressmanny to allow him to fight for the last time against Antonio Margarito. But the great Filipino boxer assured us, after his mauling of the Tijuana Tornado at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas last November 13, “Yes, I will continue to fight.” And Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is among Pacman’s prospective opponents.

The dream fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather, to refresh our memory, had already been archived twice when both the Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions can’t seem to agree on vital issues, ranging from drug testing to purse split and fight venue.

Certainly, Manny has to settle privately this retirement thing including his career plans with his mother. They need to talk at once before Bob Arum arranged with the Mayweather camp or Shane Mosley’s or Juan Manuel Marquez’s. Equally interesting is who will win in this Pacquiao vs. Paquiao “fight”? Is it the mother or the child? Would the son again disobey his mother to please boxing fans all over the world and continue bring honor and inspiration to his beloved country, and his struggling and impoverished countrymen?

Or will he follow his mother’s advice, hang his gloves and pursue other tasks and careers outside of that brutal boxing ring? Remember, no mother – generally speaking - want to see her son being beaten or involved in dangerous endeavors such as fighting. No parent want to see their children engage in trouble and suffer beatings. Because she knows exactly that boxing – even she’s not into medical profession - being a very physical sport, can kill. Or it can do you harm, gradually or instantly. I am just excited to know if parental desire can be powerful or not in this particular instance.

Aling Dionisia is a Filipina mother beyond compare. Her life changed since Manny hit the jackpot - cars, jewelries, accessories, mansion, travels abroad, name it – and now, it seems, she’s very much contented with all of that. Since she is no longer cooking native delicacies to support her children, the most important thing for her now is his famous son’s health and safety. Ever since, she didn’t want Manny to box. This was the reason why her son kept his training secret when he was starting as a young pugilist. The desire for greatness have been so powerful while parental desire had been powerless long before that boy from General Santos became famous and wealthy. And he is a grown-up man now.

Though she keep on insisting him to retire, Dionisia Pacquiao could still understand that on top of such a situation, parental desires (note : "desires" NOT "guidance") can be disobeyed. Thus, "Pacman Knows" and "Pacmom Understands"…


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