Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lesser Evil According to Me

The 2013 election more than as ever is not about for voting wisely but about for voting for the lesser evil. The Lesser Evil Principle is the idea in politics and political science that of two bad choices, one is not as bad as the other and should therefore be chosen over the one that is the greater threat. Voting for us Filipinos bring moral or existential dilemma.

Our society’s self-acclaimed “moral guardians” keep on reminding us to vote wisely during elections. But there lies the biggest problem: A wise vote to one may not be a wise vote to another. How could one vote wisely when there’s not wise choice from the available candidates you are choosing from? We have no other option but to vote for the lesser evil based on our own assessment of things from our own view point. Of course we know that the lesser of two (or more evil) is still evil but not eternally.

But let us forget that the word “evil” is universal. While it could well be attached to politicians, it can also pertain to voters, citizens and the political system itself. We are prone to be evil ourselves if we are not good enough to distinguish from the abstract who is the lesser evil among the present candidates. But how can we shed the shades of grey in distinguishing our lesser evil? We have no other practical solution but to look deeper on the candidates’ minds and personality pittied against ours.  

My lesser evil has these two (2) tangible characteristics: The one who has the greatest ideas and visions compatible with my principles and biases and at the same time shares my advocacy and aspirations for Occidental Mindoro, in thoughts and in deeds. My kind of candidate, too, do not resort to public display of arrogance using emotional and physical harm against his/her rivals including those who are critical of his/her beliefs or in expressing his/her thoughts. (S)he is in no way vindictive or revengeful. In short, my lesser evil is an intelligent visionary and a (wo)man of action and at the same time ethical in his/her manners. These criteria may be limited and hollow but I am just making things simple and not complicated for this special voting season. In short, I will vote for the best person, someone not only who espouses the best ideas but how intelligently, politely and objectively express those ideas privately or more so in public. Paradoxically in this “oversimplification” of standards, my Lesser Evil becomes my Greater Good candidate. Trust me on this at your own risk!

Seriously, the Greater Evil is when we as voters solely place in the hands of politicians and operators our agenda and collective interests in every election season…

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