Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pacquiao and the Anti-Intex Protest

Just less than a month before the much awaited and historic Mayweather-Paquiao match in Las Vegas come April 3, 2015 Philippine time, Intex Resources Corporation on its website last April 7, boastfully posted that, “The DENR, acting to the instruction from the Office of the President has lifted the suspension of the ECC.” With the present policy on mining of the Aquino government, this is somehow expected.

Well, I would not deal here much about the Mindoro Nickel Project (MNP) for I have already exhausted all my contentions against it in other pages and threads, neither would I dare announce my fearless forecast on the coming Mega Fight of the two of the greatest boxers of all time.

In a post to the discussion thread the other day about DENR’s re-instatement of MNP’s Environment Compliance Certificate or ECC (ECC-CO-0904-007-2721), I have commented, “Like Manny Pacquiao, let us go back to the training camp with this mission” coupled with the picture that you could see on top of this entry. With the coming of the much talked about fight, somebody might think that I am just exploiting the upcoming boxing rumble to suit my advocacy's purpose. Or I am just using the upcoming fight to stress my point untruthfully while in fact, I am just stating the truth of what we, pro-environment groups and individuals are supposed to do in the following days as a preparation for another fight for fragile ecosystems of Mindoro.

Please be reminded that 24 Mangyan and non-Mangyan volunteers staged a hunger strike in front of the DENR Building in Quezon City from November 7, 2009 onward. The protest ended after 11 days until the ECC was finally revoked by then Secretary Joselito Atienza. You may ask, “So, what Pacquiao has to do with that?” First, let us not forget that Pacquiao and Sec. Atienza are supportive of each other’s endeavors and allies in politics then.

Besides, fresh from his impressive TKO win over Miguel Cotto, Pac Man visited the secretary’s office that year and the champ’s victory parade passed through the picket line and Pacquiao greeted them. Informed of the event, the protesters creatively made boxing glove- shaped placards with the the advocacy messages, “Knock Out Intex” and “Pacman, help us stop mining in Mindoro!”, among other messages as plea of support from the triumphant Filipino boxer who suffered his lost from Darlene Antonino-Custodio two years after. Custodio got more than 64% of the total votes for the First District of Cotabato against the People’s Champ for the congressional position in 2007.

The formerly known as “Kid Kulafu” (I am mentioning this taking the risk of being accused of promoting the upcoming movie of Buboy Villar), just days after the protest in front of the DENR Office, in November 21, 2009, Pacquiao confirmed that he would run again for the congressional seat, but this time in Sarangani province where he eventually won.

In fact, on that particular instance during the protest in front of the DENR’s office, there was a Manifesto of Appeal to CongressManny that we can read in full text in this link.

Another fight is on for those who stood firm, like local officials and the Mangyans, and the people of Mindoro in general.

Yes, like Manny Pacquiao….

(Photo; Roslyn Arayata)

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