Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pacquiao’s Sad Entrance Song

It sounds like a “punebre” or a funeral song to many than a walk-in tune for a boxer heading towards the ring. If Manny Pacquiao only allowed Guerilla Tactics to arrange and perform it for him, it could have been different. Guerilla Tactics by the way is a musical band composed of members who hail from Sablayan, venue of the first two professional fights of the Pambansang Kamao. His entrance song “Lalaban Ako Para sa Pilipino” written, directed and performed by  Pacquiao himself does not have luster. It’s almost a sad song. If only it were a movie, it’s more suitable in a soundtrack of a drama film rather than those in the genre of action movies, others may think.

Some would say that it’s what we Filipinos call “signus” or bad omen or a premonition? Or is it Pacquiao singing the “punebre”, in advance for the impending “death” of his opponent, the undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. or the other way around?

“Eye of the Tiger” was PacMan’s favorite entrance music in the early years of his successful career. From the title of the entrance tune to Mayweather on May 2 itself, we, the fans, are assured that the Pac Man would fight for us but did not assure us that he will win. I hope I am wrong in this.

In his fight against Brandon Rios, a lot of people were amused with his choice of entrance music. It was Kathy Perry’s “Roar” which is “pambabae” (for women), they say. It’s a lame song, according to many but he convincingly won over Rios.

Yes, I have told you that “Lalaban Ako Para sa Pilipino” sounds like those being played in interment services and processions. But think how the dreaded, Undertaker beaten black and blue many of his opponents on top on a wrestling ring. How he knocked them down in the actual fight. But PacMan is not the Undertaker, you may argue.

The supposed sadness of Manny Pacquiao’s entrance music cannot be sadder than The Undertaker’s entrance music which is called Graveyard Symphony II V8.

A song which is truly part of the dirge, a “punebre” .….

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