Monday, May 25, 2009

"Matanglawin" and the MNP

My two girls,- Tutay,14 and Pipay, 5 are avid viewers of “Matanglawin”(Falcon’s Eye) every Sunday at around 11:00 AM. “Matanglawin” is a magazine show over ABS-CBN Channel-2 hosted by (Kuya) Kim Atienza. Tutay loves the show because it's very informative and it features interesting topics in the field of science, art, practical life and almost anything under the sun. In fact, the show won several awards including the 22nd Star Awards for Television where Kuya Kim won the Best Educational Program Host for “Matanglawin” and the latter was named Best Educational Program; the 17th KBP Golden Dove Awards - Best Science and Technology Program and Best Magazine Program; and the 2008 Anak TV Seal Awards.

And I joined my two daughters to watch the show yesterday,- May 24, 2009, and the topic was about Greenhouse Effect. Tutay tried to impress me and attempted to “lecture” during commercial breaks. She laid important facts, especially the dangers contributable to Greenhouse Effect. Almost imitating her Science teacher she, in effect, emphasized the following:“Those gas molecules in the Earth's atmosphere with three or more atoms are called "greenhouse gases" because they can capture outgoing infrared energy from the Earth, thereby warming the planet ...”

Indeed, trees act as a carbon sink by removing the carbon from CO2 and storing it as cellulose in the trunk while releasing the oxygen back into the air. A healthy tree stores about 13 pounds of carbon annually-or 2.6 tons per acre per year. So, no doubt that trees lessen the dangers of Greenhouse Effect. No doubt that mining brings massive cutting of trees that would lead to forest denudation. We, in Occidental Mindoro are now beginning to experience not only the dangers of Green House Effect but also the evils of “Green Bucks Effect” that is more rampant today in our province. Some of our local politicians are allegedly enjoying the latter.

“Tatay po ba ni Kim Atienza si Lito Atienza?” (Is Kim Atienza a son of Lito Atienza?) She is referring to Joselito L. Atienza, the current Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or DENR. “Oo.” (Yes), I told Tutay. Alejandro “Kim” Atienza served as councilor of the City of Manila for 3 consecutive terms before he went on TV.

In a report from Philippine Star dated 20 March 2009 stated that Secretary Atienza,- Kuya Kim’s father, has approved the application of Intex Resources Philippines, the prime mover of the Mindoro Nickel Project or MNP, for a mineral production sharing agreement for its project in Mindoro Occidental, said Geosciences Bureau director Horacio Ramos.

The Mining Act of 1995 or the RA 7942 gives the foreign mining investor generous benefits to guarantee their profitability. To ensure their unhampered mining operations, these foreign firms cloaked by the Mining Act will be given TIMBER rights (read: right to cut trees), water rights, easement rights and entry into private lands and concession areas. When these rights are granted to Intex Resources Philippines, what is left to us who inhabit in Occidental Mindoro? What will happen to our flora and fauna or all the living creatures in our island?

... All the living things that are protected,- on and off camera, by the popular TV host considered by many as Steve Irwin of the Philippines.

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  1. it is nice that the program matanglawin will continue , so that televiewers also of this program and also the children will get some good educational information and idea that is best for us.