Saturday, May 30, 2009

Political Frogs

Korina Sanchez’ groom-to-be, Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas III, an aspiring President of the republic,- recently called the fresh merger of Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats and the Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino o KAMPI as Palaka (Frog) an acronym he coined for Partidong Lakas-Kampi. Roxas even added that the so-called marriage was just a union of “trapos” (traditional politicians). But I prefer to call it “reunion” (Yes, you’ve guessed it right,-of frogs!) rather than “union”.

But what’s really in store for Occidental Mindoro? Will that merger be felt locally? Are we also expecting the groups of Governor Josephine Ramirez-Sato and the conjugal tandem of Jose T. Villarosa and his wife Rep. Ma. Amelia C. Villarosa, kiss each other’s cheek and ultimately join forces before 2010? If your answer is “yes”, tell that to the marines.

Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile, a seasoned politician has this opinion : “In the provinces, cities and towns, it would be difficult because Lakas has members and Kampi also has members. They all have ambitions, so for sure, they will squabble in the elections. The party will surely weaken.” And I believe the old man. That merger, in my humble opinion,- will self destruct at the local level even before top party honchos in Manila hit the ignition button.

And don’t forget,- if I may repeat, the way politics is being practiced here is as venomous as the giant Mexican leaf frog!

We are all familiar with the Asian fable called “Little Frog in a Well”. It is a story of a little frog who lived in a well but ultimately was able to see things outside of that hole. Remember the scene towards the end of the story? Nope? So, Here it is : "The outside world is so big, so wonderful, and beautiful!" The Little Frog finally cried out happily and jumped into the pond. He climbed up on a huge lotus leaf and enjoyed his new life there.

The little frog told his sparrow friend, "If you had not brought me out to see this world, I would never had known that there are such beautiful things that exist outside my well." And the Little Frog never tried to go back to his old well again. “Natututo na siya”. (He learned his lessons)

So, from thereon, the term “Frog in a Well” used to describe a situation or individual who cannot or refuses to see the big picture because of being sheltered and/or closed minded.

Friends, our political world is much bigger than the present political well that imprisons us. There is more life over this well and the world is lovelier outside this God-forsaken situation.

Let us climb and go out and be free like frogs in a field. Be a learned toad instead of a captive frog!...

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