Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Mothers

Today, May 10, 2009,- the whole world celebrate and pay tribute to the person who gave birth to us and molded us to become what we are today : our biological mothers. And here in my province, our representative to the Philippine Congress and our governor are both women and therefore civil and political “mothers” to us, their constituents.

The Philippine presidents from Emilio Aguinaldo to Ferdinand Marcos, the governors from Damaso Abeleda (1950) to Pedro Medalla, Jr. (1988) and representatives from Jesus V. Abeleda (1951) to Mario Gene Mendiola (1987) are all men. Those were the times when Occidental Mindoro political scene was dominated by male politicians until such time when these two women came into the picture : Josephine Ramirez-Sato and Ma. Amelita C. Villarosa. Not to mention the most powerful mother of our country, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

I felt hopeful seeing them occupied the two top provincial posts that year. Our province, at least from my own point of view, was in a mess in the hands of men. Our political and civic “fathers” have failed us. Poor road condition and health services, poverty, agricultural problems, etc., are everywhere, specially in the grassroots or upland communities.

I hate to say this but those things are STILL prevalent today in this part of the island with our three “mothers” around. I maybe wrong but this is how I see the present situation. Now, who says that all mothers are good at cleaning up messes?

Mothers (I mean the real ones), like yours and mine,.. are good at messes and the messes they clean up are not their doing and that makes it so exemplary and great. In his article at entitled “Why Mothers Would Make Good Politicians”, a certain Rev. James L. Snyder has pointed out: “By her very nature, a mother is always thinking about others. Rarely does she take any time for her own personal pursuits. Other people come before her interest and comfort. Wouldn't that be a wonderful trait in some politician? Instead of always thinking about reelection and what can get him reelected, he begins to think about other people and their needs.” But that is not our case. Was it because our "mothers" are fulltime politicians and only part time housewives or housekeepers?

But let us not only blame our two civil and political “mothers”. As their “sons and daughters” we are partly to blame. We deserve the politicians that we have,- regardless of gender, for we continue to vote for them and their relatives and political family to power. For we vote based on personalities and not on issues. For making our mouth do all the job, consequently making it dirty thus keeping our hands so clean and bright. Let us join hands and make those hands dirty by cleaning the mess,- by doing the household chores up to 2010 and beyond. And hopefully all political "mothers" may become source of inspiration and role models to all of us, their "children"...

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

(Photo: SSC File. My apologies for posting this picture again..)


  1. Yes, they are partly to blame. because they are the kind of mothers who cannot discipline their "children" because they themselves cannot discipline themselves.
    “By her very nature, a mother is always thinking about others. Rarely does she take any time for her own personal pursuits." this argument for mothers is based on "biological determinism", meaning all women have inherent trait which is "motherly". Men on the other hand can have the same traits too. So, the argument above is gendered.
    In the essence, we reject it because not all women have the capacity to be compassionate and think only of sacrifices for others. Look at GMA, is she motherly?Does she has the capacity to look for the welfare of millions of her poor "children"? or our women civil mothers? The answer is a resounding NO.

    Comes 2010, we will spank these mothers!

    Anyway, we all have different concepts of mothering. maybe theirs is different from what we really know.And maybe they are not really mother but just women who happened to gave births (save for one). In that case, what can I say: But Happy Mother's Day to all wo(men)!

  2. Dear Eunice:

    Thank you for the additional input and other insights. You are the expert in the field of feminism and motherhood, so what else can I say?...

  3. I saw the news on NBN Ch. 4. what was PGMA's agenda on Mindoro? Si Erap yung last President na tumapak diyan sa atin eh, si PGMA daan lang yung humaharurot niyang limousine. Aba, lakas na ng loob ng presidente natin!

  4. Dear Lawrence:

    Lightning visit lang. Ang kanyang main purpose ay mag diving sa Apo Reef pero sinamantala lang ito sa pamamagitan ng discussion re: Global Warming. Sa Sablayan ito ginanap at kasama si DENR Sec. Lito Atienza. Last Fiesta, sandamukal na mga national politicians ang dumalaw dito both from opposition headed by Vice Noli, Jinggoy Estrada, Bayani Fernando, etc.

    Thanks for the visit and good luck on you every endeavor...

  5. Natawa ako dun, akala ko aktibista lang ang gumagawa ng 'lightning' everything i.e. rally, assembly etc. Buti naman po at dumalaw sila, si VP Noli parang ngayon ko lang nabalitaan tumapak yan sa OCC. Mindoro.

  6. Nice post. I love the way you writer this article.