Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patabaing Biik

“Intex Resources has also undertaken nursery development activities,
producing over 27,000 seedlings for fruit-bearing trees and industrial crops such as abaca, rattan and bamboo, thereby reducing “slash-and-burn” or “kaingin” practices....”

“Another 100,000 seedlings are also raised in separate nurseries for the eventual
reforestation programs within and surrounding the exploration area. Eventually this will contribute to the protection and preservation of Mindoro’s watershed – a key aspect of responsible mining.....”

(From Intex Resources Press Statement; May 16, 2007)

A,... ang Occidental Mindoro pala (ang kalikasan o ang watersheds dito)ay parang biik na palalakihin muna, patatabain at saka kakatayin?

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